Some of the problems I can help you with

Addictive Behaviour; Alcohol Abuse; Anger Management; Anorexia; Anxiety; Behaviour Changes; Bereavement; Grief; Blushing; Breakdown Feelings; Bulimia; Bullying; Childbirth Issues; Childbirth Hypnotherapy; Compulsions; Dentist Phobia; Depression; Domestic Unhappiness; Drug Abuse; Eating Disorders; Exam Nerves; Fatigue; Fear of Failure; Fear of Flying; Guilt Feelings; Hair-pulling; Headaches; Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); Identity Issues; Inner Child Recovery; Insomnia; Internalised Anger; Job Interview Nerves; Kicking a Habit; Low Energy; Low Self Confidence; Low Self Esteem; Memory Disturbance; Mood Changes; Morbid Thoughts; Motivational Problems; Multiple Personality; Nail Biting; Nightmares; Obsessions; Over-indulging; Panic Attacks; Pain Management; Paruresis; Perfectionism; Phobias; Psychosomatic Conflicts; Prolonged Ailments; Public Speaking; Quietness; Rape Trauma; Recurring Dreams; Relationship Issues; Self-harming; Sexual Abuse; Sexual Issues; Shy Bladder; Sleep Problems; Smoking; Split Personality; Sports Performance; Stress; Stuttering; Suicidal Thoughts; Traumatic Memories; Under Valuing Self; Unexplained Actions; Unexplained Symptoms; Unusual Thoughts; Violent Tendencies; Voices in Head; Weight Loss; Xenoglossy; Young Persons Problems; Zoned Out Feelings

You can be free now

You are searching for an answer to your problem or possibly that of a loved one and that is why this website is here; for you. It is not pages of me telling you about myself, it is pages of me telling you how I can help you with different problems or pieces of abnormal behaviour.

Hypnosis is such a good tool because it gives us contact with your subconscious. Now why might that be important? Well, whilst your conscious mind may be aware of your problem, if your conscious mind knew the cause of the problem, it would know the answer. What do I mean? Can you imagine poking your finger into an empty light socket, or touching your palm against the sole-plate of a hot iron? Of course not, because you know what would happen if you did – your conscious mind understands what is going on. If you have a problem and don’t know the answer, the cause of it is in your subconscious mind which means it is out of reach of your conscious mind. However, hypnosis will bring your conscious and subconscious minds together and allow them to share what they have.

How or why is there stuff in my subconscious which I am not aware of? There are many reasons but often something can happen which has such a high value when it happens that it can overload the conscious mind. The subconscious will then take this away from the conscious mind and keep it. The conscious mind is left with no memory of the event and the person will swear they have not had such an experience. This holds two problems: 1) The subconscious is now doing overtime work and it will take overtime payment (without asking) from the conscious by giving it a pattern of abnormal behaviour which it will carry out but not understand or want. 2) Because the event overpowered the ability of the conscious mind to cope, the ego will have formed a new coping mechanism and will make this part of the character. The character will change.

The situation is not a good one but it can easily be addressed by using hypnotherapy and/or other techniques and processes used within hypnosis. I have been helping people in this way since 2003 and am here to help you now. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

Dr. Mark Sterry-Blunt